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With everything going on the world, we seem to have forgotten the core values of Humanity at its basic core:  People’s individual human rights. The World stage is watching and respect of everyone and everything is at risk.

Sports in general and Basketball in particular bridges that gap by bringing individuals from all walks of life together.  By hosting events like 3x3, we are able to bring communities together, get to know each other and forget the differences that divide us, but rather focus on the positivity that includes all of us reaching and working for a common goal. It enables us to engage the local community, promote iconic Landmarks, help social causes and is fun for everyone.

The growth of 3x3 basketball globally now offers the opportunity for communities to get together, get to know one another and for players to not only organize pick-up games in the park, but to play in officially sanctioned 3x3 tournaments across the country.  It is another way of helping individual’s realize their dreams.

The FIBA 3x3 is considered the number one urban team sport. From the first official event at the 2010 Youth Olympics Games to the Olympic inclusion since Tokyo 2020 Games, FIBA has had an ambitious vision for the game and we have the same ambitious vision for the NEW YOUR CITY 3X3 BASKETBALL TOUR.

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